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Royal Australian Mint

It is amazing to realise that every single coin in the pockets of millions of Australians is made right here in a quiet suburb in Canberra.


A visit to the Royal Australian Mint will enable your students to:

  • learn how coins are made and make their own $1 coin
  • see robots at work
  • discover some interesting facts about the history of coins in Australia.
Curriculum Links

The Mint provides links to the science and technology, art and history components of the Australian Curriculum. A visit can answer questions like:

History: What coins did the First Fleet bring? How did the discovery of gold in Australia change our coinage system?

Art/Design: Who decides what goes on a coin? Who designs the coins?

Technology: How is technology used at the Mint? What do the robots do?

Online Education Resources

Factsheets, games and other resources are available on the Mint’s website. Group bookings can be made online at ramint.gov.au, or phone 02 6202 6812.