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National Film and Sound Archive

Experience the world of Australian film, television and recorded sound.

Discover the nation’s living archive: collecting, preserving and sharing our rich and fascinating audiovisual heritage.
Our suite of school programs supports the Australian Curriculum and offers an exciting educational experience. Groups will explore Australia’s social, cultural and technological history through film and sound with our dynamic educators.

Primary and secondary sources

We draw on news, documentaries, movies and advertising from across the National Film and Sound
Archive’s vast and varied collection to interrogate techniques in storytelling and to separate fact from fiction. We look at where and how we get our information and why it matters; to understand how media capture and shape our history and our evolving Australian identity.

Indigenous representation on screen

Our First Australians’ recognition in society has been mirrored in their roles on screen. We look at important and iconic roles for Indigenous Australians in the screen industry and talk about the progression of Australian social and cultural history.

Australia at War

From the documentary that won Australia its first Oscar to the movies that have shaped the ANZAC legend, from the gritty to the glorious, join us as we take you through a century of representations of Australians at war, with material drawn from our collection.

Unlocking Advertising

Ranging from the captivating to the bizarre, track the shifts in Australian popular attitudes and lifestyle on a journey through some of the cleverer, funnier, and more surprising offerings in our remarkable advertising history, as we look at what advertising tells us about a changing Australian society.

Sound out of the Box

From wax cylinders, through vinyl and tape, right into the digital age, we discuss and discover how
sound technology evolved over the course of the 20th Century and beyond to transform the recording and broadcast of sound.

Lamp Light to LED

Witness the power of image as we investigate the technology and biology of vision and illusion. We’ll go right back to the beginning with optical mechanisms employed long before the era of electronic—or even electric—media, tracing them through to new digital technologies: mapping how science and film have shaped each other and illuminating what we see (or think we see) on screen.

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