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National Film and Sound Archive

Experience the world of Australian film, sound and audiovisual media!

Discover the nation’s living archive which collects, preserves and shares our rich and fascinating audiovisual heritage.


Online Educational Resources including digital learning websites with thousands of video and audio clips available for streaming and downloading.

NFSA Learning



Our suite of school programs supports the Australian Curriculum and offers exciting educational experiences facilitated by our dynamic educators. Explore Australia’s social, cultural and technological history through our collection of more than 3 million works. 


Take a journey through more than 100 years of Australia’s audiovisual history and discover amazing and significant items from our collection.

Unlocking Advertising

Discover captivating, funny and bizarre advertisements as we unlock the persuasive techniques used to encourage audiences to purchase products and change their behaviour. See how advertisements track changes in our attitudes and lifestyles and reflect a changing Australian society.

Primary and Secondary Sources

Separate fact from fiction as we look at where we get our information from and why it matters. 

Indigenous Representations on Screen

The First Australians’ recognition by, and role in, society has been mirrored in their representation on screen. We look at important and iconic roles for Indigenous Australians in the screen industry and talk about the progression of Australia’s social and cultural history in this award-winning program

Sound out of the Box

Discover how sound technology has evolved from wax cylinders to vinyl, tape and digital audio as we explore sound recordings with cultural and historical significance.

Lamp Light to LED

Witness the power of image as we investigate the technology and biology of vision and illusion. We’ll go right back to the beginning with optical mechanisms employed long before the era of electronic—or even electric—media, tracing them through to new digital technologies: mapping how science and film have shaped each other and illuminating what we see (or think we see) on screen.

Animation—New Program!

From optical illusions to blockbuster movies and video games, discover the amazing world of animation and the styles and techniques which bring pictures and figures to life.

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