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National Electoral Education Centre

Experience Australia’s federal electoral system at the National Electoral Education Centre and immerse your students in the power of Australia’s democracy.


AEC for schools provides free educational resources for teachers and students on elections, voting and enrolment.                                                

AEC for Schools



Students will:

  • Explore the history of democracy and voting in Australia.
  • Enhance their knowledge of representation, enrolment and voting through hands-on activities.
  • Experience what it’s really like to vote by running their own election, taking on the roles of voters, scrutineers and polling officials, counting the votes and declaring the result

AEC for Schools

Visit the AEC for Schools website for a range of free educational resources (including materials for conducting school elections) and accredited professional learning resources for teachers.


Program Information
All programs are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and delivered by our team of dedicated Electoral Educators.

House of Representatives— Suitable for students of all levels, this program explores key concepts of representation and voting.

Senate—Suitable for students of all levels, this program investigates the proportional system used to elect Senators. 

Referendum—Suitable for students of all levels. The Australian Constitution is Australia’s founding legal document. Discover how the people of Australia have the power to change it through a Referendum. 

Eligible Elector—This program equips senior secondary students with the skills they need to become voters, exploring representation and voting for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.