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National Capital Exhibition


Online resources assist with introducing students to the story of the National Capital of Australia.

NCA Education Resources



Taking part in an education program at the National Capital Exhibition gives a sense of place to every Canberra excursion. Developing an understanding of the story of our capital assists students to appreciate every place they visit, making this an essential stop for all ages. Every program includes viewing a film on Canberra’s history and a scale model of the city.

Our national capital is a fully planned, modern city built into an ancient landscape. The design and creation of Canberra has links to the Australian Curriculum for  Civics and Citizenship, as well as History. Each program includes both presenter-led and hands-on activities so students can discover the ‘why, where, how and who’ of the city they are visiting.

Opening hours

The Exhibition is open 9 am—5 pm weekdays, 10 am—4 pm weekends, closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

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