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National Museum of Australia


Explore Digital Outreach and Australian Curriculum linked classroom resources which bring the stories behind Museum objects to life – for students and teachers.

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Visit the National Museum of Australia and get hands-on with the history and cultures of Australia.


Program Information
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Education Programs

Meet the People  

(Years 5—12, 60 mins; PACER) Meet fascinating Australians through key objects and explore the Museum.

Making a Nation  

(Years 5—12, 90 mins; PACER) Investigate the theme of nationhood by handling objects and exploring the Museum.

A Living Culture  

(Years P—10, 90 mins; PACER) Handle and explore a range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander objects to learn how Indigenous cultures have adapted and survived.

Indigenous Rights and Freedoms  

(Years 9—12, 120 mins; PACER) Learn about key people and events involved in the struggles for rights and freedoms for Indigenous Australians.

Then and Now  

(Years P—2, 90 mins) Investigate how life has changed in Australia over the past 100 years.

Museum Experiences

Unpack the Museum  

(Years 3—6, up to 120 mins) Discover the Museum’s stories at your own pace with activities, games and objects to handle. Choose the Dreaming Bag or Wild Colonial Bag.


(Years 3—6, up to 90 mins) Build a time-travelling robot and blast off to a mystery location in Australia’s past.

Teacher-guided programs

Explore the Museum at your own pace.

Evening Program NEW in 2020

Museum After Hours  

(Years 5—12, 120 mins) 

The National Museum of Australia has a new, interactive night-time experience uncovering intriguing stories from history. Explore the Museum galleries after dark through a range of immersive activities linked to migration, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and colonial  Australia.

Monday—Wednesday, 5—7pm or 7—9pm $15 per student; min charge 45 students (each session)