Macquarie School Group Flights

Airlines have adopted new COVIDsafe practices to ensure staff and passenger safety.

Flying to Canberra creates an element of excitement for your students and eliminates the long coach journey from interstate. Arrive in Canberra fresh and ready to enjoy a day of discovery!

Streamline your excursion by having your flight and excursion bookings in the one place.

Macquarie School Group Flights can take care of all your flight requirements, ensuring your booked flights match the ground component of your excursion.

Group flights have flexible booking conditions which vary between airlines but generally allow:

• A minimal deposit per person, with the balance payable much closer to the departure date.

• Name changes are usually permitted free of charge up to a week before departure.

Contact our experienced team to request a flight and travel insurance quote and let us take care of the rest.

Travel insurance for all overnight school excursions

We offer a travel insurance product with cover for some Covid-19 related claims.

Travel insurance is available and highly recommended for all school groups travelling on overnight school excursions – even if you’re not flying!

Traditionally only schools with flights as part of their excursion package would consider travel insurance, however with the unpredictable and indiscriminate nature of Covid-19 we advise all schools to carefully consider if travel insurance is right for them, for all overnight excursions.

You don’t have to be flying to Canberra to get travel insurance. Contact us today for more information and to request a quote.

➽ For easy school group travel to Canberra and South-East Australia, contact Macquarie School Group Flights today on 1300 304 655.