Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Weekdays 9am-5pm, Weekends 10am-4pm weekends. Closed Xmas Day and Boxing Day
Session Times

Session Times

On the hour
Session Duration

Session Duration

60 minutes
Facilitated Program

Facilitated Program

Fully facilitated (teacher must attend)
Group Size

Group Size

Max: 90 (3 groups of 30)
entry fees

Entry Fees

Free entry
Teacher to Student Ratio

Teacher to Student Ratio

Supervision ratio 1:15

National Capital Exhibition

The National Capital Authority offers a variety of school programs onsite at the National Capital Exhibition and around Canberra.

These programs give a sense of place. The Griffin Mission, Anzac Parade and Reconciliation Place are all PACER approved programs. All our activities help students uncover the ‘why, where, how and who’ of the city they’re visiting.

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Onsite Education

Our National Capital is a fully planned modern city built into an ancient landscape. Study of the design and creation of Canberra closely aligns to the Australian Curriculum for Civics and Citizenship and History. The National Capital Exhibition is an essential stop for every excursion when students explore the Story of Canberra. Students observe a scale model of the city and design their own futuristic city with sustainable values.


The Story of Canberra

The Griffin Mission The Griffin Mission program tells the story of the National Capital, from pre-history through to the present day. Students consider why Canberra became the federal site, discuss the Griffins’ garden city design solution and consider how the original design is maintained for the future. A hands-on activity is included where students design their own futuristic city with sustainable values.


Opening Hours

The Exhibition is open 9 am – 5 pm on weekdays, 10 am – 4 pm weekends. Closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day


Free Guided Walking Tours

Take part in a walking tour of Anzac Parade, Reconciliation Place or Lake Burley Griffin.

Reconciliation Place ➽ Reconciliation Place is located physically and symbolically at the heart of Australia’s National Capital. This series of public artworks sparks conversation on our shared journey toward reconciliation. Students are invited to touch and explore artworks along the path of Reconciliation Place, reflecting on events and ideas on our shared journey. Reconciliation Place is a PACER approved program offering.

Anzac Parade ➽ Taking part in a walking tour of some of the Memorials along Anzac Parade encourages an investigation of how we honour service through the creation of memorials. Students will discuss how conflict is remembered and memorialised. Walking tours offer hands-on learning, where students explore sculptures, building understanding about their connection with the design of Canberra. Anzac Parade is a PACER approved program offering.

Lake Burley Griffin ➽ Discover Commonwealth Park and Lake Burley Griffin in our new Park by the Lake program. Students will discuss important landmarks and natural features along the way. Learn about garden city design, planning for sustainable futures, and the role of active citizenship. Investigate the iconic land and water axis. Interrogate the iconic Griffin design. How is our central park and ornamental lake maintained for the future?


Online Resources

Online resources assist with introducing students to the story of the National Capital of Australia.

NCA Education Resources

HIstory of the National Capital

NCA Videos 

From This to That, The Story of the National Capital (Lisa Elliott)

Marion,The Woman Behind Two Thrones (Roslyn Hull)

View to a View, Planning Australia’s National Capital (Kate Collins)