Opening Hours

Opening Hours

Weekdays 9am-5pm
Session Times

Session Times

As arranged
Session Duration

Session Duration

90 minutes
Facilitated Program

Facilitated Program

Fully facilitated (teacher must attend)
Group Size

Group Size

Max: 55
entry fees

Entry Fees

Free entry

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Geoscience Australia

The Geoscience Australia  Education Centre offers curriculum-linked education programs designed to immerse students in hands-on geoscientific activities. Facilitated by experienced educators, general and custom-made programs are available to suit individual group needs, ensuring the best possible outcome for students. 

Program themes may include:

  • Natural hazards. 
  • Rocks and minerals. 
  • Plate tectonics.  
  • Geography and mapping. 
  • History of the Earth, including an outdoor geological ‘TimeWalk’.

Geoscience Australia is the home of the National Mineral Collection. The display includes a piece of Moon rock on loan from NASA, that students can actually touch!

Visit our website for further details about bookings and to access to a range of classroom resources, teacher professional development opportunities and information on the work of Geoscience Australia

Online Resources

Dig into our Earth science and geography learning resources for primary and secondary levels include teaching guides, student activities and experiments, videos and virtual exhibits.              

Geoscience Australia Classroom Resources