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Opening Hours

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Session Times

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Session Duration

Tour: 55 minutes, PEO: 1 hour, Hosp: 30 minutes
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Facilitated Program

Fully Facilitated
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Group Size

Maximum: 50
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Parliament House

A visit to Parliament House engages and challenges students while they learn about Australia’s representative democracy in the home of the federal Parliament.



Connect with parliamentary experts with a free video conferencing program, take a virtual tour of Parliament House and explore classroom resources, interactives and more from the Parliamentary Education Office.

Parliament House virtual tour

PEO video conferences

PEO learning resources



When your students visit Parliament House they will tour the building, take part in an interactive education program and, when possible, meet their Member and Senators. We offer a free, informative and interactive experience, where students learn how the Australian political system works and the important role the Federal Parliament plays in the lives of all Australians.

Students take a guided tour and learn about the different important elements of Australia’s Parliament
House—including the Senate and House of Representatives chambers, Marble Foyer, Great Hall
and Members Hall—afterwards they might even stand on top of the symbolic heart of Australian democracy! During sitting weeks, your class can catch Question Time and watch parliamentary debate as it happens.

Visits also provide an opportunity for students to participate in Q&A sessions and immersive learning
programs on topics such as democratic values, parliamentary roles and responsibilities, law making,
political parties and elections. Our expert educators bring to life the work of the Parliament, making it
relevant and interesting to Australian students.

A visit to Parliament House contributes towards your school’s eligibility for the Parliament and Civics
Education Rebate.

Parliamentary Education Office (PEO) 

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