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Travelways Australia

Hopkinsons Travelways provides a service to primary and secondary schools throughout Australia. We specialise in assisting school groups and teachers with their entire excursion planning. Hopkinsons Travelways leads the way in providing student learning experiences to and in Canberra.

Since 1962, when we conducted our first one-day excursion to Canberra, we have aimed to offer the best service possible.

Some schools have travelled with Hopkinsons Travelways annually for over 25 years. Each year these schools continue to receive firstclass services as if they were travelling with us for the first time.

Taking students on an excursion with Hopkinsons Travelways can be a pleasant and enjoyable experience with assistance from our team. Our tour coordinators have extensive knowledge of tourism in Australia, specialising in Canberra.

Why not give Hopkinsons Travelways the details of what you wish to see, do and achieve, so our friendly tour coordinators can prepare a quote promptly?

All tours include:

  • Luxury seatbelt equipped coaches.
  • Professional and friendly coach drivers.
  • Camp transfers available.
  • Itinerary planning and all venue and accommodation bookings.
  • Entrance and attraction fees.
  • Teachers travel FREE of charge.

Hopkinsons Travelways

Excursion Planner Each year we provide schools with our Educational Excursion Planner. There are sample itineraries with suggested inspections and information from Canberra’s major attractions and accommodation centres.

For information or your own copy of our Excursion Planner please contact our tour coordinators—they are waiting to help you with your next student learning experience.