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Telstra Tower

Telstra Tower rises 195 metres above the summit of Black Mountain and provides unsurpassed 360-degree views of Canberra and surrounds.

Situated in a beautiful nature reserve, the Tower is a futuristic landmark that plays a vital role in Australia’s
telecommunication network. The Tower provides facilities for national and commercial television, FM radio, mobile phones, video and tele-conferencing.

Students visiting the Tower can see the city unfold from the enclosed viewing gallery or the two open viewing
platforms. There is also a conference centre and relaxing kiosk.

The Tower houses the Heritage Telstra Centenary Exhibition. The collection includes devices that played a role in important moments in Australian history.

The Tower was officially opened in 1980 by then Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser.

It has become one of the National Capital’s most symbolic landmarks and a major tourist attraction, with a total of over six million visitors.