2021 COVID-19 Canberra Excursion Protocols

The Canberra school excursion community wishes all well for 2021. This includes Canberra attractions, accommodation providers, tour operators and all those providing an experience for a school excursion.


Schools which postponed excursions to Canberra in 2020 were sadly missed! In mid-2020, the National Capital Educational Tourism Project (NCETP), with the support of the ACT Government, commissioned advice from Aspen Medical on how schools can travel safely to Canberra.


In line with ACT regulations this advice has been approved by the ACT Health Directorate as School Excursions to the Australian Capital Territory COVID-19 Protocols, addressing Canberra school excursions from departure to return, including travel, accommodation, and visits to attractions.


Based on the Protocols the NCETP has developed and published the School Excursion COVID-19 Protocols – Guidelines, to provide Tour Organisers, Transport Operators, Teachers, Accommodation Providers and Attractions with user-friendly and targeted information needed to conduct school excursions safely.

School Excursion COVID-19 Protocols – Guidelines 

COVID-19 Protocols Checklists, FAQs and PHDs


For the latest information about travel advice and restrictions in the ACT, visit the ACT Government’s COVID-19 website. Select the state or territory you’re travelling from for specific information.


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Keep safe

Canberra Excursions team