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Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary


Online classroom package – Guided or Self-guided STEM learning packages for different age groups.

Virtual Sanctuary



Take a step back in time to see what Australia’s woodlands were like before foxes, cats and clearing took our unique wildlife.  

  • See endangered animals in the wild restored to the mainland after 100 years.
  • Learn how our ecologists are working to restore the environment and bring back lost species.
  • Be immersed in an experience that heightens all the senses.
  • Have fun with your schoolmates and enjoy nature away from buses, classrooms and electronic devices.

A new and exciting curriculum-linked adventure awaits schoolkids of all ages at Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary—a reserve that protects the critically endangered box-gum grassy woodlands. This is the only place in Australia where students can experience true conservation efforts and rare wildlife without leaving city limits.

The Sanctuary is usually open, but there are some standing closure times and occasional other closures due to weather events.

Hour-long Daytime, Dusk and Night adventures are available (max 60 students), with Dusk and Night tours dependent on sunset times throughout the year. Check Book Canberra Excursions for details.