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Mulligans Flat Woodland Sanctuary

Take a step back in time to see what Canberra’s woodlands were like before foxes, cats and clearing took our unique wildlife.

  • See endangered animals in the wild that have been gone from the mainland for 100 years.
  • Learn how our ecologists are working to restore the environment and bring back lost species.
  • Be immersed in an experience that will heighten all of the senses.
  • Have fun with your schoolmates and enjoy nature away from buses, classrooms and electronic devices.

This is a new and exciting curriculum-linked adventure for school kids of all ages at Mulligans Flat Woodland
Sanctuary—a reserve that protects the critically endangered Box-gum Grassy Woodlands. It is the only place in Australia where students can experience true conservation efforts and rare wildlife without leaving the city.

Dusk Adventure - October–March
7 pm–8 pm (max 60 students)
8 pm–9 pm (max 60 students)

Night Adventure - April–September
7 pm–8 pm (max 60 students)
8 pm– 9pm (max 60 students)