30 Sep 2020

September Newsletter 2020



Canberra Attractions Virtual Resources

Canberra’s attractions have developed many online learning resources and activities, that may provide a support to schools, whether students are at home or in the classroom. These resources are based on curriculum themes of civics and citizenship, STEM, Australian history, art and culture.
Please see the link below for information about accessing these resources:
Canberra Excursions - Learning Resources


SIMPSON PRIZE COMPETITION : For students in Year 9 and 10 

The Simpson Prize is a national competition for Year 9 and 10 students that focuses on the service of Australians in World War I. One winner and one runner-up from each State and Territory will attend a briefing program in Canberra in early 2021. Winning students and teachers of the 2021 Simpson Prize will travel to key historic sites overseas*. 
For more information visit 
* Subject to COVID19 restrictions


Royal Australian Mint - Donation Dollar Program 

On 5 September 2020, the Royal Australian Mint released a Donation Dollar into circulation. It’s a world-first charity initiative designed to inspire and cultivate the collective spirit of generosity in all Australians.
Over the coming years, they’ll mint one for every single Australian, creating millions of reminders to give.
If each Australian donated just one Donation Dollar a month, together we’d raise an additional $300 million for charity each and every year.
Release of the Donation Dollar provides a great opportunity for Educators to introduce the importance of generosity to their students in a tactile and engaging way for them to take part in donating to those in need. 
The Mint has created a series of Donation Dollar education materials and activities, available for teachers, carers and parents to download on the website. 
Thank you for your support of this innovative program.


Attraction Bookings and Opening Information

This information may provide some clarity around when Canberra attractions will be open for school bookings with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in the ACT.

IMPORTANT This information is effective as of the commencement of Term 3, 2020 but please note that all information is subject to change and attractions will continue to adhere to latest Government advice.  Please continue to check this page or each attractions website for additional information.

Attraction Bookings and Openings Information