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Canberra Glassworks

Get fired up about glass. A visit to the Canberra Glassworks will inspire your students to:

  • Engage in creative glass workshops
  • Experience hands-on sensory learning
  • Learn about the science of glass making
  • Visit the oldest public building in Canberra.

Curriculum Links
The Glassworks connects to the design and technologies, visual art, history and science components of the Australian Curriculum. Relevant links may be viewed on our website under each learning program.

A school visit will answer questions such as:

  • How does glass change from one material state to another?
  • What temperature do the glass furnaces operate at? How does that compare to your home oven?
  • How important is team work in the hotshop?
Hands-on Glass - Tour and Tile
  • Cost $30 per student
  • Ages 8–18
  • 90 minutes

Cut, shape and fuse glass to make your own glass tile. Enliven your senses with a hands-on tour of the Glassworks. Turn up the heat, observe molten glass and artists at work in the hotshop.

Tour and Tile can be booked Wednesday—Friday 10 am—3 pm and Thursday at  6 pm (evening session).