Planning checklist

Order a National Capital School Excursion Planner which will guide you through the National Capital Attractions, accommodation options, transport operators and recreational and night time activities.

Select a time you would like to visit the National Capital. Consider Parliamentary Sitting Dates, weather, availability of accommodation or special events.


Explore the National Capital Attractions web sites or contact their education sections to identify programs and resources that relate to classroom studies. Program bookings are essential at all attractions.

If possible come and visit the National Capital beforehand by using the National Capital Teachers Pass, registering for a Teachers Familiarisation Tour or attending a Travelling Teachers Seminar if available.

Assistance with planning itineraries, booking programs at the National Capital Attraction, identifying accommodation availability and transport needs can be provided by a range of Transport Operators throughout Australia.

Check PACER guidelines and include link to

Access public liability certificates and risk assessment statements from the National Capital Attractions to ensure your excursion is a safe experience for your students.


Order a class set of National Capital Passports. These passports are a fun way to provide a record of the attractions that the students visited whilst on their excursion.

If you require further assistance you can contact the National Capital Educational Tourism Project for more information.